Some ideas..

William left a comment to the effect that the version of Red Hat I was trying to install uses LILO and that might be the thing that’s interfering with the NT-based install. (That’s why it worked flawlessly with 98 and not on this new server.) Getting a later version that uses a different boot loader might do the trick. He also suggested I check out the Central Ohio Linux User’s Group. I might just have to do that as I get more into learning about Linux.

Last night I did the Windows install two more times. The first time, upon installing OS Selector as an easy way to manage partitions and dual-booting, the NT installation became corrupted again! The second time I left out that bit of software and everything seems to be in order now. So the problem might very well have been with the partition manager and not Red Hat all along. Guess I’ll get used to using fdisk on this machine for now. I’m still going to try this weekend to get an iso downloaded of either Red Hat or Mandrake. Which would you choose?

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