Busy, busy

I was writing an email to someone yesterday and trying to explain why I had taken so long to get back to them. So I started listing out all the things I’ve been doing since the end of 2002 that took time away from catching up my email. In the last month I’ve studied for and passed A+ exams, launched a new website, purchased and installed (3 times) a Windows server, kept this website updated, and spent hours researching and submitting resumes as part of a search for a new job. All of this on top of working 40 hours a week and trying to stay in touch with my wife.

And the sad thing is, there’s still a whole bunch more that I need to do. The job search is ongoing, the server will need a couple of new OS installs and tons of other “learning projects” done, both websites need to be kept up to date, I need to start looking at another certification, either Network + or something that would get me an MCP designation, a number of small computer projects that I need to take care of around the house, and my wife and my job are still going to be there!

Suddenly, I feel very tired. 🙂

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