Must check this out and keep handy..

Following a post on the Job Blog, to this MSN article titled The top 10 overlooked deductions, we find this little nugget..

4. Let the IRS subsidize your job search.

Job-hunting expenses are deductible. If you’re out of work, or even if you’re still employed but looking for a new job, all of your job hunting expenses are deductible as miscellaneous itemized deductions. Such expenses would include resumes, phone calls, postage, travel costs and any other expenses related to your attempt to get a new job. If you have done a lot of driving in your job search in 2002, you can deduct mileage for your 2002 return at a rate of 36.5 cents a mile. For 2003, the mileage rate falls to 36 cents a mile.

Yes, this might just come in handy should I wind up with some out of town interviews as part of the job search process, eh?

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