New system

I did pick up a new system over the weekend, an AMD K7 1.4Ghz, 256MB PC133 RAM, 30GB Maxtor HDD, 10/100 NIC, 32MB shared Video RAM (really not that big a deal for what this machine is used for) for $299. The big selling point for this particular vendor was the 5 year warranty and upgrade special they were running for the show, and the toll-free tech support.

Unfortunately, after a successful Windows Server install, my Red Hat 7.1 server install screwed up the MBR, and corrupted some Windows boot files, so tonight I’ll be back to square one on the machine. Oh well, more practice setting up a Windows server, right? *L* Maybe I’ll leave the Linux install out for now, at least until I look at what might have happened in more detail.

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