Looks like I wasn’t the only one trying out Knoppix yesterday. Library Planet had this to say:

This goes way beyond DemoLinux. I stuck the CD in, re-booted, and had to hit enter one time to get it started. It identified all the hardware with no user intervention and booted right up.

Thanks to a tip from Joy I found that I can’t exactly just hit enter at startup to get it to identify all the hardware in my machine but typing “knoppix alsa lang=us” at the boot prompt is hardly putting me out. The alsa module finds and loads the onboard audio drivers, and the lang=us sets the keyboard language to English/US. Apparently the default is German, although you’ll only notice the difference if you try and type “=”. At least that’s what someone in the forums on the Knoppix site said. πŸ™‚

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