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Looking at a rather busy day today, I have to run out of the office to testify at a hearing later, so that takes a big chunk out of my work day. (No I really can’t discuss the hearing other than to say that I am just a witness, it’s not a hearing that directly involves me *smile*) In the news this morning:

The Geek is playing with the new trial version of Dreamweaver, MX.. I’m interested in seeing how they’ve improved on DW and Fireworks in the new version, but in all honesty, I probably can’t afford to buy it! It’s expensive software, but I’m still curious!

Today’s Lockergnome Newsletters have some good information, well worth sharing. First in Windows Daily was a good reminder about giving out personal information, like credit card #’s, over a cordless or cell phone, and how easy it is for others to pick up that signal. Think land line and corded phone for those sorts of things folks! Also in today’s Tech Specialist, Randy shares a warning that Microsoft’s Security Baseline Analyzer actually has a bug in it that creates a brand new security hole. I’m glad MS is cracking down and closing holes but can’t they at least close holes without making new ones? Good grief!

Jevon has himself a nice little rant and mentions me, which is always good. *L* I have to agree with him though, I post stuff about MS security holes because, they’re in the news and easy to find, and because I run a Windows network at work and at home and need to keep up on it. (And most of my visitors run some version of Windows!) I don’t need to keep up with Linux, so Linux exploits I blog about tend to be few and far between. I don’t believe that Linux is any more the perfect secure OS than Windows is, it’s just more “politically correct” (in certain circles) to bash MS security, while saying nothing about the multiple security exploits that exist in other OS’s. It’s not as much fun to bash an underdog OS, even if there really are vulnerabilities that exist, as it is to bash Windows XP. I understand that, but don’t let it confuse you into thinking that just using another OS would solve all of your security worries. It won’t. The 100% secure OS hasn’t been made yet, and probably never will.

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