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Smart Card Driver’s licenses? -Yet another example of how people in Washington are constantly on the lookout for new laws to invade your privacy and keep track of you at every stop. Why else would they propose smart-card driver’s licenses and demand that they interoperate with third party, private systems?

This whole thing with the Klez virus is sure creating havoc, isn’t it? I have received the version where it seemed to be sent from postmaster@ our work domain and claimed to be a bounced email. A little snooping and a good look at the file extension of the attachment made it obvious that it wasn’t really bounced mail. People need to get educated to this stuff!

It appears that the European Union is moving on it’s own version of the DMCA. It’s bad law here, it’ll be even worse there.

OK it’s the first of the month, time for some serious database maintenance!

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