Oh yeah the Knoppix CD has been burned and I did do a quick boot using it on my work machine, just to make sure I had a good CD. The setup didn’t find any soundcard. I’ve yet to have any Linux install configure the integrated audio on any of my PC’s that have that. In this case it’s an onboard SoundMAX Integrated Audio driver, but in Knoppix there just is no sound. Bummer. It also didn’t configure the network the same way that RedHat did when I installed it. I had to manually enter the IP/Gateway/DNS info, although, to be fair, I use DHCP at home and we don’t use it here, that may be the difference between the two setups. That took all of 1 minute though, so not a big deal.

Overall it should work for occasional playing around, but I guess I won’t be listening to any CD’s while I do it. 🙂

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