Where the heck have I been?

I know I’ve been pretty quiet on all of my blogs the past few days. I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of that time in front of a computer, but not one hooked up to the Internet.

Fact is, the particular laptop I’ve been working on for a friend, had no business being on-line until I had taken steps to clean all of the crapware from it. It took quite a bit of time and effort to reach a state of “clean”, but I do believe it’s there, as it is currently connected to my network getting all the MS updates. So that’s been keeping me busy in my after-work hours, and preventing me from enjoying other tech-related ventures.

On the other hand, it gave me a perfect opportunity to really test out some anti-malware tools, and I’ll have a few posts coming out of that in the near future, I’m sure.

In the meantime, a couple of things that have caught my eye and I wanted to briefly comment on:

Google’s Blog Search is accepting pings. Yet another place to make sure is getting updates when you post new stuff so folks can find you. Isn’t it about time for a bit of a shake-out and consolidation in the blog search space? I can’t keep track of all the places that are keeping track of what is being talked about on blogs.

This little writeup about Panic Button has me intrigued. I’m not sure how well it would work out logistically in a large office, but for the friends and family that you wind up supporting, this makes so much freakin’ sense. (Hmm, maybe I should install it on this laptop before it goes back?)

Rick Klau had an interesting post about using a Wiki as your resume. That’s not a bad idea, because of how easy it would be to keep updated, and have links to additional information if the person wanted to read it, etc. I’d actually love to do something like that, but since I avoid all conflicts with blogging about work by simply never giving out names of businesses or coworkers, I would have to find some way to secure the wiki from the blog-reading public. I’m not sure I want to try and deal with that.

Back to patching…

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  1. I looked at the blog ping in google and a brief glance looked like it wasn’t possible to go to a certain url (or a url to enter into MT’s pingback form) – instead you have to go to their site and enter your url – now how many people are going to do that? There must be a url you need to put in, but it would be nice if the instructions gave you that information.

    As far as the wiki/resume goes – its a great way to keep a resume uptodate but personally i’d only use it for my own benefit as the formatting would never look as nice as a word document would. Also this also leads into a “one resume fits all” situation which I don’t think is a good idea and also leads to cold callers (as per the original article)

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