Mobile Cell Phone Charger

Our telecom guy at work picked up one of these today. Given how often people come to him because they forgot their charger, or left their charger out of town and won’t have it for a few days, and just need to charge their phone, the ease of being able to hand them something that comes with a AA battery to charge the phone, along with the 10 different connectors, for $25, was well worth it for him.

I think we’ll be picking up another one or two when they roll out Blackberry connectors as well. It’s amazing how often we get asked about having spare chargers for phones/blackberries. Sometimes we have a matching connector that they can borrow, sometimes we don’t. The TurboCharger seems like a pretty handy tool to have laying around the IT Department, just in case.

BTW, my photos from this past weekend are up, in two places. General Louisville photos have a gallery here, Louisville Zoo photos are on Flickr.

As always, Angela has a set on Flickr as well.

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