Office User Survey

Interesting survey fromGR Business Process Solutions about the various features in the main Office apps and how people use them, or don’t use them. My personal experience would suggest that their numbers are high, but then again, my experience is in a not for profit environment where you typically get employees with less computer skills than the norm in the for profit world. I’m bookmarking this to refer to the next time I have to consider doing some in house training, as it does provide a pretty good outline for what, typically, people feel less knowledgeable about.

By the way, if I had to guess, I would say our people typically use around 25% of the functionality in Office 2000, although we do have quite a bit of Access use, which wasn’t covered in this piece. I’ve got people here who won’t even use the calendar in Outlook, for example. So you can see where their numbers are higher than what I deal with every day. 🙂

Link via Online Blog

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