Is it Friday yet?

Is it just me, or is this week dragging by at a snail’s pace for everyone?

Found an incredibly cool Amphetadesk outline skin this morning that changes the default template to an outline-type document. It really incorporates a few of the things I was looking for in the way of improvements, you should check it out. (link via Phil Ringnalda)

BlogToaster looks like it might be kind of cool as well. It acts as a MSN “buddy” and if you give it a list of weblogs to watch, it’ll send you an instant message when one of them shows up on If you’re not using an aggregator this might be useful. (link via Christine)

Scoble reminds us that after June 30th, OEM’s will no longer be able to get anything but Windows XP on new machines. So your opportunity to buy a machine with 98, 2000 or, I think, NT will disappear shortly thereafter. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a copy of the OS off the shelf and saving it to install later when you buy a new machine, replacing XP, if you really don’t want it, but big corporate buyers are going to pretty much be forced to move to XP, and I think that’s the idea.

By the way, have you noticed the large number of cool tools I’ve been talking about over the last few days? Developers of free tools rock!

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