Long Day

Left the house at 8AM, hit the road to Dayton for the ITEC conference left there at 4, made it home in time to change shirts and head out for a quick dinner on the way to the Columbus Zoo’s member preview of Winter Wildlights. At least the work pager didn’t go off, so at least nothing there to worry about in the morning. 🙂

ITEC conference wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Saw a couple of interesting products but between things not starting on time, speakers not showing up for sessions, and a somewhat lacking crowd of attendees, I have my doubts about the future of these conferences. They’ve already gone from having one in Dayton, one in Columbus and one in Cleveland to having just the one in Dayton this year, and with the problems that I saw just on the second day, I can’t imagine it’s been very successful event. Oh well, it was a day out of the office looking at technology, that’s never a bad thing!

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