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This looks interesting:

We’re calling it Dabble, with emphasis on the Db: it’s a database system for dabblers. We’d naturally be happy if professional developers, DBAs, and business analysts find our system useful, but we won’t be satisfied until we have something that works for everyone in the millions of small businesses and teams for whom data management is purely a sideline, a necessary evil of doing whatever line of work they’re really in.

But more than that: Dabble is for everyone that wants to experiment with their data, evolve it, explore it, improve it incrementally and interactively. We like to think that Dabble is to most database systems as finger paints or plasticine are to granite and chisel: something that lets you stick your hands in your data, roll it around, play with it, and most importantly, never set in stone.

I think I’ll have to sign up and find out when it’s available to play with.

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