Do I really have to go back to work again?

Ugh, those 10PM arrivals into the airport really catch up with you at work the next morning, don’t they? Trip was a lot of fun, took some great pics, which you’ll probably get to see sometime later in the week. Obviously, we didn’t have time to download them or work with them in any way shape or form last night, but I should get some time and have some excellent views of Boston laid out on a little webpage just for all of you. Highlights for me were the views from the Prudential skywalk, the Granary Burying Grounds, Harvard, Trinity Church, and strolling through the Garden and up Commonwealth Ave. as dusk turned into nighttime. Very cool stuff. Some other thoughts on traveling:

Why, when your flight leaves at 6AM do they tell you to get there at least two hours early, when the ticket counter and Security don’t open up until almost 5? And then why do they say that the long lines are a result of people not getting there two hours ahead? In this case the long line was made up of people who got there at 4AM and had to wait until 5 to check-in!

Granted it’s a small sample size, but it seemed to me that of all the people we dealt with in Boston, very few actually had a “Boston” accent. Most of them actually had foreign accents, which I’m sure is because of Boston being a popular immigrant destination, but it makes me wonder if the traditional idea of a Boston accent is only a small part of real Bostonian life?

In the Visitors Center video about the Freedom Trail, an actor portraying Sam Adams is the narrator. In his discussion of the Granary Burying Grounds he mentions all the famous historical figures buried there but leaves out one important one, himself. I suppose it would freak kids too much if he said “and I’m buried there too!”, eh? But it would have been funny. 🙂

My wife has her own take on the trip, naturally it differs from mine somewhat. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got work to get caught up on, nothing major happened while I was out yesterday, but some stuff got backed up, as usual. Thanks to nf0 for posting the latest security bulletins in the IT Work forum while I was gone, it was nice to know that someone was putting them up! I’ll get to work on putting back the THC forum topic today, promise!

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