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Morten passed along this link, which is a place for you to validate your robots.txt file. He mentioned it to me because the robots.txt file I just put up on Monday had a typo in it. How embarrassing, but also how cool that it took less than 48 hours for someone to give me a head’s up? I had never had a robots.txt file before Monday so I was trying it out for the first time, unsure of how I would know if it worked or not, but now I can check it. Thanks Morten!

From Owen I learned about this referrer script that you can see in action on the bottom of the right-side table. (It’s getting a bit longer than the left-side, might have to find more stuff. *L*) I’m using it on Stephen’s server right now, until I get time to make the script a local thing. I tried to do it local and ran into some problems. I don’t have time for that now! (It might take a little while for traffic stats to buildup before anything’s really there..) Update: I had to pull the script, the long text in a link caused the tables to become all messed up width-wise. It might come back when I have time to mess with it locally, or I can set the width properly.

Lastly, from a link in Dane’s blog there’s Mean Dean’s Anti-spam Obfuscator which will let you have a “mailto:” link but code your address in such a way as to throw off spambots, while allowing the link to still work as intended in the browser. I’m using it right now on this page.

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