ScamBusters Top Ten internet Scams for 2001

I’m trying to add a bunch of stuff in one post to keep down the number of “comments” requests that go back to the server. Seems that when I get a bunch of entries on the page, the requests back to the server for comment counts are slowing down the page. Perhaps I’ll make it not do the counts and you’ll just have to click to see if there are comments. Not exactly the way I’d like to do it, but if the speed gets much worse I’m going to have to do something! Any suggestions? Or is it just me who seems to have this problem?

One thing I’ve noticed with all the new and exciting Radio weblogs. I haven’t found one that has bothered to implement a comments system or some sort of discussion. Is it even an option? I like giving my readers the opportunity to disagree with me.

I found an educational article: ScamBusters Top Ten internet Scams for 2001. Pass this information along before someone you know gets taken in!

I’m sitting in my office today wondering when our network email became the “send anything that might possibly be of any interest to someone in the building, to everyone in the building” kind of place. Last week it was a restaurant review, that 4 people felt the need to “reply to all” to say thay they too liked the restaurant in question. Today it was a movie recommendation that not only went out to all employees, but went out with a read receipt requested. I’m so glad I work so hard to keep all this infrastructure running smoothly so you can waste our resources like that. I’m also so glad that no one in management sees anything wrong with this, and refuses to give me any authority to deal with it myself.

Yet another day’s mood shot to hell before 10AM.

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