Data with an open lock

Linked – Sweden leaked every car owners’ details last year, then tried to hush it up

This seems like the kind of information you’d want to be super careful with, yet apparently, it’s exactly the sort of information that was sent in email, to a bunch of subscribers who weren’t supposed to have it.

“The story goes back to 2015, when Sweden’s transport agency awarded IBM a contract to manage its databases and networks.

The databases pushed to the IBM cloud covered every vehicle in the country – including police and military registrations, plus details of individuals on witness protection programs. Individuals in the database include members of the military, including members of special forces units whose identity and photographs are supposed to be secret.”


Yet another example of a government agency who couldn’t keep their promise to safeguard data.

Yet they wonder why some of us are squeamish about how much data the government collects and stores.

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