Power of the weblogging community

Ahh Dave left me some useful information in the comments to the last post. Radio doesn’t come out of the box with a comments system, that probably explains why no one has one yet. And he pointed me to a possible solution to my page loading speed issue. It seems that Shelley, of BurningBird fame, had the same problem, but Phil turned around and explained to her in her comments that if she used server paths to access the database instead of http relative paths, it would speed things up. I’ll have to play with that at home tonight. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the power of the weblogging community! Thanks Dave, Shelley and Phil!

This is why I need commenting features. I’d hate to have to figure everything out myself!

This story explains how using a simple Javascript, a website can use your WMP unique identifier to track you around the web without having to worry about how you handle cookies. You might want to make sure you have that “feature” on Media Player disabled.

Andrea shows off one of my personal favorite things about the web. Seeing pictures of places you’ve never been and marveling at them! Nice pics, Andrea!

I have, in fact managed to make it past 10AM without anyone ruining my day. That’s not to say other people at work aren’t completely pissed off at one another, but it’s apparently not my turn today. Or at least this morning, there’s still an afternoon to go. šŸ™‚

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