Security a Top Priority

I haven’t had any word from my hosting provider about what the real server path to the site is, so no testing for now. Still keeping my fingers crossed that using it will speed things up a bit. In the meantime:

Via Scripting News, I see that Dan Gillmor puts into more elequent words the very same concerns I have with “Web services”. I still can’t figure out why on earth I want all of my business data online and then be unable to get it everytime my internet connection goes out, or the server is down that holds the data, or there’s some Code Red making all internet communication slow down. All of those things happen way too often to do that, and we’d be stuck with a building full of people unable to get any work done. Not good.

Gates: Security a top priority

You think he senses the need to get people to trust MS before they start fully rolling out .NET? I would if I were him, and Bill Gates may be a lot of things, but he is not dumb in the ways of business.

And yet another article on the hidden dangers of file-sharing software.

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