Steve the Spammer

I received some spam today, just like every other day. But today one of them was actually sent by “steve the spammer”. I guess that’s truth in advertising for ya’! *L*

I also got a note promising something that would make me “stiffer than VIAGRA!!” -hmm rigor mortis maybe?

Needless to say, I didn’t bother to read any further.

I also noticed among my referrers for yesterday a site I hadn’t seen before. Usually when that happens, I’ll go to the site and see if they linked to me, or if they just happened to be the last site a visitor was at before coming here. It’s not common that there isn’t a link but it does happen. I opened up the page and discovered a site dedicated to fans of “trampling”. Yes it is apparently a fetish that some guys have of having multiple women walk all over them. Thankfully, I didn’t see a link to my site, so I’m left to assume that whoever it was, was checking out all the latest trampling info and suddenly thought “Gee I need to check out how Mike’s work day is going!” I’m not sure how I should take that, but it frightens me. I may feel like people walk all over me at work, but I never said I enjoyed it! 🙂

And no I’m not going to give you the link! They might link back, and frankly, it’s bad enough that Google will index this little story and I’ll start getting hits from people looking for this information!

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