Back to the Google Reader Replacement Drawing Board

Looks like the growing pains for the Old Reader were simply too much, and they are taking the service private.

I know Feedly seemed to be the popular choice, but it just doesn’t work for how I deal with RSS Feeds. I like to be able to read my feeds in a web browser, across any device I might be using, multiple computers, iOS devices, etc. I don’t want apps, or browser extensions, I want a website I can get to from anywhere. That’s what I enjoy about the Old Reader, hopefully someone will take them up on the offer to take over the project.

In the mean time, any other suggestions?

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  1. The Old Reader just moved to new servers. The water is fine. I’m seeing a few bugs, but nothing major at this point.

      1. Well, I was on vacation during the whole brouhaha so I missed that, only to be found trying to catch up on RSS reading after getting back from there with a severely degraded experience, and then they took it down and moved.

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