Pat LaFontaine’s sweet dream

Pat LaFontaine’s sweet dream.

While we’re all so busy bashing Microsoft, I noticed that they are the corporate partner along with ex-NHL player Pat LaFontaine in trying to equip children’s hospitals with high-tech play rooms. I may not agree with everything they do, but you gotta stop and give them credit for this. I hope Pat gets to see his dream come true in as many hospitals as possible!

Another Opera 6 review comes to about the same conclusion I did: (link via DiveIntoMark)

If you’re happy with your current Netscape or Microsoft browser, there’s not much reason to switch to Opera 6.0

Pretty much exactly how I felt about it.

FYI, all of you new Radio 8.0 users need to grab the Update to close a security hole. (link via Scripting News.)

BlogTrack will let you list your favorite websites and then have blogtrack check them all to see if they’ve been updated. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it sounds like a great idea! (link via Rogi)

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