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I have to make a quick apology to whomever it was that was using the search function earlier today. Turns out that the links to the past 2 weeks in the archive weren’t functioning because I hadn’t chaged over the filenames to 2002 in the links. So those archives got indexed by Google but not the internal search engine! I fixed it tonight, it should be back to working now!

My wife and her brother joined me yesterday on a trek out to the Easton Town Center. We made a quick stop on our great shopping adventure to check out the new iMac over at the Apple Store. I have to say it is a very cool little computer. It definitely seems pretty powerful and the screen is very impressive. It’s still not enough to make me want one for myself, (as someone who is trying to further my business related skills, MS products and networking capabilities are higher up on my priority list) but my wife, and her graphic artist desires, is definitely smitten with it. Maybe someday, if she tries to freelance, we’ll pick her up one for that. 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been putting off my study of Active Directory too long!

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