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Seems like I get a heck of a lot of traffic to my article on spyware from folks looking for ways to run kazaa or other file sharing services without the ads, or without the tracking. Could it be that you’re actually getting sick of all the intrusiveness? Or are you just worried that someone’s going to use the ad-tracking to track you down for all of your illegal MP3’s? Here’s an idea, quit using it and uninstall all of the BS that came with it! Not that I’m a fan of the record companies, far from it, but you knew what you were getting into when you downloaded Kazaa or Morpheus, or at least you should have before you decided to download it. You were getting into spyware, you were getting into downloading files from complete, anonymous strangers, and giving access to your PC to those same strangers. You were getting into an activity that the courts have already found to be illegal, and now you run around surprised that it turned out be such a dangerous activity and want to continue doing it while at the same time protecting your privacy and security? It doesn’t work that way.

OK enough lecturing. Doc, who I am so hoping I get to see at GnomeDex, is pointing to a new blog by Matthew Tanase called The Security Blog. Looks like it’ll have lots of good pointers to computer and network security news. Always a good thing to keep an eye on.

Brian Carnell on Dave Winer’s “stink” bomb. Brian’s calling out Dave about his exclusive deal to syndicate the New York Times headlines using only Radio. It’s the same vendor lock-in that Dave is always screaming at other companies for! Notice, though, in the replies, how long it took for other people to find a work around for it? There are too many smart people in this community to get away with stuff like that.

Cory has a scary look at how the Church of Scientology is using the DMCA to keep Google from linking to their critics. I hope there is a special place in hell for both the people who came up with the DMCA and the people who use it to silence others.

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