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Klez worm Variant is back -yet another variant of the Klex worm is running loose. Seeing as how it takes advantage of a year-old vulnerability in Outlook, it really makes you wonder about some people.

I’m sure you’ve probably seen this one around, but here it is anyway. Using the back button in IE can be dangerous. I actually don’t think this is such a huge deal, because there are quite a few assumptions that have to be made in order for it to work, and then the user has to do exactly what you expect them to do to exploit it. Ultimately, every time you get a “Page not Found” or other such error, just don’t use the back button to get back to the previous page, reload it from another source and you’re safe.

It seems that even Dave realizes now how useless Google Boxes are. Welcome to the realist side of things Dave, it’s not so bad over here…:)

Finally, my wife and I work in the same company, and she heard this story from another co-worker. See, it’s not just me they do this to, there really are people with no idea of what appropriate, work-related usage of technology means!

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