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Informative stuff here, a comparison of different desktop firewall offerings.

Jevon in response to Scott Andrew’s suggestion that blog tools “talk” to blogtrack instead of it going out looking for changes:

Scott: we would love if everyone would talk to us and tell us when they have updated, but until that happens; we talk to weblogs.com when we can and scrape most of what we need.

It would be nice, but I wonder if this is a chicken and egg argument. If blog tools don’t try to talk to blogtrack, there’s no reason to build an interface to allow it, and if blogtrack doesn’t have the interface, there’s no reason for blog tools to try and “talk” to it. I think a critical mass of users asking for it would get this pushed along, I’m not sure that critical mass exists yet.

Apparently, blogging is becoming a part of the job description of everyone attached to Lockergnome, but Lori and Jake haven’t quite become addicted to daily updates, like the rest of us! On the other hand, Randy seems to have gotten the bug. 🙂

Looks like I missed a birthday yesterday. Happy 36th Frank! And here I thought I was the old one among my fellow linkers. Frank’s got me by a couple of years. 🙂

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