Comment trolls

Here’s what I don’t get. Everyone gets the occasional stupid, downright offensive comment, right? Why then do some bloggers make such a big deal over them? Why do they engage these people in an argument, or publicly expose their IP address or whatever other information they can get hold of? What purpose does it really serve? Yeah sure it kicks up a little extra drama on your site, and you can maybe even feel good about “getting even” but are you really? The troll in question spent what, 2 minutes writing a comment to your blog, and you spent countless hours trying to find them, argue with them, harass them, etc. Who’s the loser in that equation?

And please don’t anyone tell me that I don’t know what it’s like, I write a freakin’ blog about being a victim of child abuse. You think I get a few offensive comments over there? You think I don’t get comments to the effect of “Maybe you deserved it”, “ha-ha you were beaten…”, and many, many others? I get plenty of them, and I delete them, and I move on with my life. Do they get to me? Yeah, sometimes, but really if I was so fragile as to be hurt by these people, maybe I shouldn’t write in public, eh? Or maybe I shouldn’t have commenting available? It’s something to consider if you just can’t handle the comments.

It takes me about a minute or 2 to delete a comment, that is all the time I have for dealing with idiots in my life. The rest of my time is spent doing something more useful. Speaking of which, I hope you all have a good, well-spent, weekend!

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