Word to your mother..

So this morning I needed to look at something that I had typed up awhile ago, and when I opened up Word, it looked sort of, a little bit off. After a minute or two I figured out what it was, I was looking at Word 2002, even though we have Office 2000 as the standard installation. I frantically looked around in my Control Panel, trying to figure out who came in over the weekend and installed Word 2002 when I wasn’t looking when the first clue came in, the Prodcut ID was an OEM. Our Office 2000 Product ID’s are not OEM’s. Hmm, then I remember seeing the installation box on Friday when I accidentally clicked the “edit” button in IE 6. Hmmph. Let’s see about that OEM Product ID, yeah it matches the OEM ID for the Works Suite that came with the PC in September, Word 2002 must have been bundled with Works Suite 2002, but 2000 had taken over all the file associations when I installed Office 2000. Let’s see, yup if I hit the shortcut for Word 2000, sure enough the installation box fires up again and switches everything back to Word 2000.

I guess I should uninstall the Works Suite before I cause myself any more undue stress, or waste any more of my work time. 🙂

Oh wait, there’s a seperate entry for Word 2002 in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, I don’t remember seeing that there before. Let’s try getting rid of that, and maybe everything will return to normal? Or at least as normal as it gets around here…

Me thinks that maybe this is a good argument for doing a clean install and only installing the software you need when you get a new PC, huh? I spent enough time getting rid of MS Messenger, AOL, Money, Dell Picture Studio, etc., to warrant it, that’s for sure!

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