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Angela and I had some entertainment options last night. We could have caught Black 47 at Byrne’s Pub, or we could have used free passes to see a sneak preview of Murder by Numbers, the new Sandra Bullock flick. Seeing as I had to write a whopping check to the IRS this month, we went with the free movie. (Besides Black 47 will be in town in August for the Irish Festival, we’ll catch them there.) Movie was pretty decent. Had some slow moments and some slight plot holes, (Would HS kids in California 2002 really be listening to Iron Maiden in their car, or was the song used just for dramatic effect with no thought as to how real it would be?) but it was at least interesting and made sense, unlike the last movie we saw, Queen of the Damned.

Anyway, in other news, I am considering putting the THC Web hosting forum back. It probably won’t be until I get back from Boston, because I want to be able to moderate it, not be out of town. (It’s a volatile subject, and it keeps getting worse the longer this goes on, I want to make sure we keep the discussion somewhat clean and civil.) Obviously, part of the agreement to take it down was them having a support forum, which they did for a day, but all of their sites have been MIA since last week. I don’t feel like they’ve kept their end of the deal, but maybe that will change by next week? In the meantime, (or perhaps in place of the forum?) there’s a Yahoo mailing list that has started up with some of their customers. Feel free to join there.

Happy Birthday Dwight! Seems from reading his blog that getting his cable connection working would be about the best birthday present ever. 🙂

I think Shelley’s got it about right. Take a look around this blog, what makes it different than others? There’s no fancy formatting, no skins, no Google Boxes, there’s really very few “cool” features. I deal in information and content. I hope that people come here because the content is good, I know it’s not because of my wonderful design! After all this is one of the first and most basic blogger templates there are. I only tweaked the stuff down the left margin, all of which is there to either give you a more complete picture of me, what I’m like, who I read, etc., or to provide an easier way for you to read the content. (RSS Feed, email list) If you want fancy design there are plenty of people who are much more talented than I am. Wait, I take that back, having more artistic talent than I do isn’t really saying much, but you get the idea. There are people who are very talented at doing designs, and there are people who write better than I do, and know more than I do. All this place is, is a page where I can share what I learn about technology and life everyday. Obviously, that’s enough for some of you, and I appreciate that.

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