Ideas versus action

Ever had one of those times where you have so many ideas for what you could do with a site that you’re left sort of paralyzed trying to figure out where to start? I’m experiencing that right now with how to move everything from the old Geocities site over to this domain. I’m already linking between the two sites profusely, storing pics here that link off the Photo page there, running the Child Abuse weblog on this server, etc. I might as well make it easier on myself and start recreating those pages over here and giving myself more options than Geocities is currently allowing on their free accounts.

I guess the big decision to be made before I get into any sort of moving is whether to buy a new domain name for that stuff and park it on this hosting account, or just go the cheap route and make it a sub-folder of this domain. ( or something like that?) Right now I’m leaning toward the free route. 🙂

In other, “maybe my job’s not that bad”, news, I was listening to the radio this morning on the way to work and the morning DJ was relating the story of the conversation he had with the new sales person at the station. She had just moved over from a rival station in town and explained to him that she was brought over because she was very successful at selling the morning show people on the other station, and that she had it on good authority that they would be following her very soon. The DJ knew nothing about this. The salesperson assumed he did. He’s not feeling very good about his future right now.

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