New project

Started working on my newest big project today. It’s not very exciting, but it’ll be a worry off my mind when it’s done. Now that I have a cd-burner on my work PC, I’m making backup copies of all of our software installation cd’s. I’ve been running on one copy of Office 2000 for two years now, and have spent quite a bit of time worrying about what would happen if the cd’s got damaged somehow. We have the required # of licenses, but only one actual copy of the software! That’s just one example of many.

Once I’ve got copies of everything, I can take them to our offsite storage area (aka my bookshelf at home, where I also keep a copy of our tape backups, rotating it every two weeks), for safekeeping.

Like I said, not very exciting, but something I’ll be glad to have done before the need arises, and something we’ve been very lucky to get by without for so long!

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