Spam as entertainment..

For purposes of telling this story, names have been changed to protect the innocent.

One of the people I work with, Chuck, got fooled into opening a spam email today, because the “sender” name was someone else who works here, Bob. It was a “hi I’d like to go out sometime check out my profile at this site” spam, that I assume sent you to some sort of “adults” site. (This is an office, I wasn’t going to investigate THAT closely!) He forwarded the email to me, and to Bob, stating that while he didn’t think that Bob was his type, or that he was Bob’s type, maybe Bob, or someone who knows Bob, had gotten a virus that had grabbed Bob’s email address. Upon further investigation though, the email address was completely unrelated to the name, they just happened to have Bob’s name, which makes you wonder about Bob, doesn’t it? *L*

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