Good news all the way around.

I did some research and found that the SMC Barricade WAN port does not act as an uplink, I need a crossover cable to connect the Hawking Router to the SMC wireless router using LAN ports. So that explains why that wasn’t working last night. Rule number one of tech work, always have the correct tools and cables for the job, and then some!

Also, this morning my boss informed me that the company does see my trip to Gnomedex as a training expense and will be giving me the time to go, as well as reimbursing me for the hotel/conference registration and some meal/mileage allowance for the trip to Des Moines, and the time there. I’m on vacation beginning the Monday after, and since I won’t be returning home, anything I do after the conference is over is no longer a business expense, but knowing I’ll be getting this much of the trip reimbursed makes me breath a lot easier about the whole thing. Of course, I’ll have to pay for it all up-front more than likely, so it’s not like I’m going to have a ton of extra money, but it does allow for some cushion, and less worry. That’s always nice!

It almost makes me feel bad for all the negative things I’ve been saying about this place. Almost. 🙂

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