When plug-ins don’t work

There just something completely frustrating about discovering that an Acrobat Reader plug-in is causing random problems with various PC’s around the office. Especially when your PC is one of the one’s having a problem. In my case, certain behaviors in Reader, like clicking a link to another PDF on-line, caused the program to crash. Others simply couldn’t get the program to open at all. In every case, removing the Interwoven plug-in that integrates our document management system, Worksite, with Acrobat Reader cured the problem.

Of course, there are also other PC’s with that plug-in running, saving PDF’s directly to Worksite from Reader, without any issues. Ultimately, short of getting a new version of the plug-in that maybe takes care of these issues, how do you solve it? You don’t, you find a way to work around the problem.

Of course, every time you work around a problem as opposed to fixing it, your user’s lose a little confidence in their IT staff. That’s not a good thing.

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