It seems that my latest webcam pic, which was taken after a successful install of Red Hat 7.1 as a “play and learn” installation, has gotten the attention of non other than Lockergnome’s head Penguin himself, Tony Steidler-Dennison. Like I said in Tony’s comments, I’m still getting paid to be a Windows guy but what’s life without a little variety? 🙂

Heck now that Angela has got a Mac in the house and I’ve got Red Hat installed on a partition of my Win98 machine we officially have 3 different flavors of Windows, and 2 non-Windows OS’s running in our house. (Yeah there’s only two of us, does that make us OS hogs? *L*) So there are plenty of learning opportunities right in my own home! (That doesn’t include the NT Server and XP Pro I have at work to learn with as well!)

Oh, and as far as Tony’s comment on his own post, just keep writing the newsletter dude, that’s been a source of help already!

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