Random weekend thoughts

Some things to ponder over the weekend:

Umm where are you priorities? this story of a man who grilled a kitten has hit the Daypop Top 40, with all of appropriate condemnations, including a letter-writing campaign. That’s all fine, but if that’s blogworthy, where are you people on the abduction, rape, and murder of a 5 year old girl, and manhunt to find her killer? Where’s the outrage, where are the long rants, where’s the posting of the composite sketch of the killer. I’ve seen it once, and now I’m pointing to it, that makes two references. Where’s your compassion now? People who spend gobs of money, energy and time speaking out about animal rights but can’t spare a minute to feel compassion for another human being make me sick!

I love what Lance Armstrong is doing, and I think he’s incredible, but given our recent postage rate increases, it is starting to bother me to see the USPS logo all over him, knowing that we paid $25 million to sponser the team. It’s a part of their advertising expense, which begs the bigger question of why the Postal Service needs to advertise?

I don’t understand why Apple is pulling the Ellen Feiss ad. So she appears to be stoned in the commercial. Given Mac’s popularity among leftist/creative/artsy people I would think that’d be a selling point! *L* (Yeah it’s a stereotype but it’s a funny thought, let it go!)

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