Add another organization to the hate list.

The list of stupid business practices got one longer yesterday afternoon, when the Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC) decided that since one person who works here signed up for their newsletter, it would be perfectly acceptable to scrape our website for email addresses and send it to everyone. Have you ever seen what a 3MB HTML email sent to everyone in an office building at the same time can do to a mail server? There’s a lot of “unable to connect” errors because there’s no processing power left over while it’s processing this junk! (Oh and all of their contact email addresses to complain to are unreachable because “mailbox over quota”, wonder why that would be? )

Although it does provide quite the instructional material for the folks who are pushing behind the scenes for our email newsletter to be HTML and feature high-res graphics. It would end up being about that big, and now they can see exactly how much bandwidth emails that large take up.

Update: I did, eventually, find a way to contact them about both the size of the email and the number of people it was sent to, and I actually got an apology from the President of the SBSC himself for the size problems and a promise to fix the database so that only the people who signed up for it will keep getting it.

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