Not exactly good timing

So with this week being “patch Tuesday” an update to Firefox being released, and work continuing on the intranet, including hacking away at a copy of Xoops, work’s been pretty busy. I’ve got some follow-up work to the website RFP I did for the Friends of the Library due, and some serious writing to work on for the 2guys2cities blog before I meet with the other contributors this weekend. Last night, I had a list of things I wanted to get done, but before I set out to working on stuff, I felt the need to chill from the work day and get myself out of “hacking intranet site” mode by playing a little NHL 2005. Plus, with the NHL and the players reaching a tentative agreement yesterday, what better way to celebrate than to spend a little time getting better at my new game?

Naturally, in the middle of what was probably the best I’ve ever played the game, our power went out, and stayed out for quite awhile. No video game, no internet connection, no desktop to work on, just a laptop that’s been having battery issues lately. Needless to say, I didn’t get anything accomplished last night.

Guess I’ll get back to playing around with Xoops, which by the way, has no problem sending notification emails! Ugh! I’m going to probably have the person who handles our conference room scheduling test-drive the Webcalendar I’ve setup for that purpose pretty soon, which is pretty exciting! I think I can simply get by without the notification emails on there with it setup just for conference rooms, but I’m not 100% satisfied. I think it’ll be ok for the “real” aim of this intranet, though, which I’ll talk about in more detail soon.

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