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I was just over reading Mike Sanders’ blog, and the comments therein when I realized that both of the commenters, when I hovered over their names, instead of being the URL for their site, it was a link to their Blogger profile. Then, when I clicked the “leave a comment” link the page that was brought up told me that “This blog does not allow anonymous comments” but that I would be posting as ‘Mike’, which I assume means that my blogger profile would allow me to go ahead and comment. So now we’re going to have a bunch of blogger-powered blogs that require you to have a blogger profile to leave comments on, and we are on the verge of needing a TypeKey profile to leave comments on a number of Movable Type blogs. Where does it end? At what point does it just become too damn hard to make sure you’re registered or profiled and you just stop commenting, ever?

By the way, commenting here requires nothing. You can leave all the anonymous comments you want!

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