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Andy made a good point in reference to my Bloglines clip-blog. The way Bloglines asks you to post an item to your blog only points to the item as it exists at Bloglines, not the originally entry. So if you saw something over in the sidebar that interested you, you would click on it, be taken to my clip-blog, then have to follow another link to the item on Bloglines, which would then give you the link to the orginal item.

That’s not good, but his post reminded me that the Bloglines Toolkit Firefox extension lets me point at any link and post it directly to my clip-blog, not just the item as it exists on Bloglines. So, I’m going to try and do that every time I read an item I want to “clip”. This way, when you click an item over in the sidebar, you’ll go to my clip-blog and the body of the entry will point directly to the original item. (See the difference between this item, and this older one?)

I still can’t do anything about how the title of the clip-blog item just links back to the same place you’re already at. I guess that makes it easy to link to, but I don’t know why anyone would link to where I clipped something as opposed to the original item!

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