Blog roundup

Some things I noticed this morning in my blog reading:

I’m not the only one having trouble with hotels. Jenny is dealing with a hotel that promised her high speed internet access, but doesn’t really have it. How do you get that wrong? You either have it or you don’t.

On the good news front, Erik and his wife are expecting their first two children! Just remember Erik, with twins there’s twice as many diapers, twice as many 2AM feedings, and you and your wife don’t outnumber them. But I’m still happy for ya’! 🙂 (There’s also twice as many smiles, twice as many first steps and, I assume, twice as many online pics…)

On a lighter election note, Doc pointed out that Tara Sue Grubb, the now-infamous “blogging candidate” was closing in on 10% of the vote, which is respectable. I say, big deal. Here in the wonderful state of Ohio, Jim Traficant got 15% of the vote (scroll down to the district 17 results), and he’s in jail!! I’m so proud to live in Ohio right now, let me tell you…

BTW, the liberal leaning folks in my blogroll who are so depressed about what happened last night, and are now convinced that the Republican party is going to ruin, in order, the economy, the environment, world peace (like that was going so well before yesterday?), the Bill of Rights (except for the gun stuff), abortion rights, social security (see world peace..), medicare, welfare, education (also, see world peace..), racial harmony, etc., etc. need to get a grip. Life goes on, as it always does, no matter what party is in power.

On a tech update note, after much effort and testing and retesting, all of the static pages of this site now validate 100%. The blogger page doesn’t, because of the blogger tags and the way the blogger publishing engine generates the pages. I can’t really do anything about that. It’s close enough for government work, as they say. I still need to do all of that photo scanning, I’ve been putting it off because it takes so much time!

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