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I guess the new addition of the TableEditor turned out to be a double-edged sword last night. Yes, someone did leave a comment that was nothing more than “come visit my blog” with a link, and yes I did delete it. Unfortunately, I also left a comment by Anita that referred to said spam comment, and did not leave any sort of explanation as to what was going on. With that comment remaining, I guess it actually appeared to be referring to a comment by Natalie, which wasn’t a spam comment at all. I guess I should have done the explanation at the same time, but I was just too tired last night to write it up. I’m sorry Natalie, your comment was totally appropriate, and the reference to comment spam had nothing at all to do with you!

OK, let’s move on, shall we? Look around, there are plenty of links to other blogs all over this page. The comments form has a space to link to your page as part of your comment. Obviously, I have no problem with giving people credit and linkage when they contribute to the conversation that goes on here. I’m more than happy, if you have something relevant to add, to let you link to your own page and get some traffic because of it. But please, have something relevant to say, and add to the conversation. I didn’t create this site, and work as hard as I do on it, just so any freak with an internet connection can get free advertising! You want me to link to you you need to do a couple of things. First get my attention, either by linking to me and sending traffic my way, or leaving a relevant comment. Secondly, write a good blog that also relates to what we’re doing here! You may not get blogrolled, especially if you’re blogging about something specific that doesn’t relate, but I will check out your blog and link to it when I feel like it’s warranted. Leaving me spam comments or spam referrals guarantees that you’ll never get linked here.

By the way, the landlord situation got sorted out last night, the hotel is still up in the air. I’m fairly close to just calling the bank and disputing the credit card charge and letting them deal with it from there. It would probably save me some stress.

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