Turns out that the problem at work was not a problem with Amphetadesk’s proxy support, I just needed to get the proxy entered correctly. A little chat with the ISP let me know that the proxy I had entered in the browser was correct, but that in Amphetadesk I needed to type it with the leading “http://”, which is contrary to the way it is entered everywhere else, where I have just the IP address followed by “:80” to signify the port. It’s always the little things that trip you up, isn’t it?

Now that I have that ability, I can’t wait for version 0.94 and the categories feature. I”m going to look at pushing HTML output files to various people based on their interests. People who would never take the time to learn how to use an aggregator on their own until I show them the power involved this way. I might even look at doing something like that with this site, pushing headlines or comment feeds or something. The possibilities are pretty mind boggling when you really start to look at it. I just wish I was more of a programmer. 🙂

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