CARPing on a Friday morning

Doc and Mary have a bunch more detail on the CARP ruling, including reactions, etc. One thing I thought of last night though about broadcast stations, not only are they going to pull webcast streams because of the cost, but they owe back-royalties for the last 2 years, due Oct. 20. Is there not a possibility that this is going to shut some of them down completely, broadcast and webcast? Pity..

Now as far as my last post, I’m going to be putting links to a handful of my favorite non-US webcasters over in the forums, since they will have to become the source of good internet radio for us now. Do you think anyone who lived in Soviet-bloc nations during the cold war is going to appreciate the irony? (Of course this depends on the RIAA not somehow deciding to block internet radio traffic to all US internet users, which should be proposed in say, oh a week?)

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