Autoresponders And Challenge Response Make Virus Worse

I was just thinkingthe same thing! To quote:

“One thing that’s different, this time, though, is that along with all the usual bounces, I’m getting an annoying amount of “challenge-response” requests from people I didn’t email. In other words, the virus emails someone randomly and puts my email address as the “reply-to”. If the recipient is using challenge-response, then the challenge gets sent out to me, adding to my own pain (and, initially, confusion). Yet another example of how challenge-response is a “solution” that makes things worse, not better. “

I’m not seeing a whole lot of challenge-response but I am seeing some, along with a whole lot of autoresponders from email gateways telling me that I have a virus. You’d think the people who built these email gateway anti-virus tools would have known better than to even bother sending these, wouldn’t you? Or you’d think that the admins of these systems would disable the autoresponders when they know very well that the from address is being spoofed!

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