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I’m getting a number of emails from THC customers wondering if I have any more information than they do, but I really don’t. I did notice that their site went “Socket Error” this afternoon instead of the “Check back in 60 minutes”, not sure what that means. Anyway, unfortunately, it seems like some of the folks who wrote me do not have themselves listed as the contact on their domain registration. That’s not good. That means that even if you want to move away from THC, you need to wait and contact THC to get control of your domain. If, like mine, you are listed as the contact, just with THC’s email address instead of your own, you can get control of it by calling the registrar and dealing with them. But if your name doesn’t appear on the Whois information, I’m afraid you don’t actually own the domain.

I’m so glad I chose to make sure my name was the domain registrant now, but I wish there was something I could offer these folks.

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