Ahh comments!

Here are two examples of why I want people to read the site here and not in an RSS feed, because both of these came from other people in the comments! First off, Eric comes up with a suggestion for non Radio users to subscribe to RSS and XML feeds, it’s called NewzCrawler and it’s still a beta, (meaning free!) version. He also pointed me to a page where he’s used Radio to scrape this site and create his own XML feed of it. Hmm if everyone using Radio can do that, maybe I shouldn’t bother with creating my own? I wonder about that. I also wonder about whether all of these people pulling the information off this site instead of coming to the site is going to throw page hit counts all to heck too.

Well at least come back and comment once in awhile, ok? 🙂

Also, the other comment I found interesting was from our good friend at GeekBlog, who feels out of the loop as well while he’s unable to update his blog, but wanted to let us know that while he awaits approval to install his blogging tool of choice on the web server, he is writing over at the hacks page of his site. So go check him out there!

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