Today’s tip..

Here’s the situation. We have 3 scanners in the office, hooked to 3 machines. Two are setup in offices of people who use them quite often, and get the scanning done for just about all of the office. The third is in my office, and rarely ever gets used. (I’m not even clear on why we have it, it’s in my office because there wasn’t any place else where it was needed!)

Now the tip:

The time to find out that the third scanner doesn’t work because the OCR software is not installed correctly, or isn’t the correct version for XP, is not the day that both of those other people are out of the office and someone comes to you to get something scanned! Make sure it works before that day comes! Otherwise, you spend an hour or so trying to get it to work, before you give up and go logon to one of the other PC’s and use a different scanner, and then spend another hour finding, downloading and installing the correct version from the manufacturers website.

And yes, as one of the secretaries was kind enough to point out here, she could have re-typed the whole thing in the time it took me to get it scanned. I didn’t find it all that funny… 🙂

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