Speaking of poor communication

Well, you all know the problems I had with hosting and how much it peeves me when companies don’t communicate, so today what do we have at work? Turns out the company who acts as our ISP switched their ISP without bothering to tell us ahead of time. So while the new name server information for our email domain propagates around the internet, we are not getting any email addressed to it. I’ve been trying to explain and handle frantic co-workers and outsiders as they try to understand why our email isn’t coming in, but we can send it out fine. Have you ever tried to explain the idea of getting updated DNS info around the internet to people who can barely understand what a browser is? It’s not fun. I’ve tried a post office analogy (It’s sort of like a forward mail order, except every post office needs to get it to know where to send your mail now, not just the local one.), but I’m not sure that really stuck with anyone.

This is, of course, on top of the website problems we had yesterday, which somehow wound up being my responsibility to figure out. Details; we don’t host the website, I’ve been purposely left out of the loop by the people who create the content and design of the website when it came to dealing with the company that hosts it and does the back-end programming for it. I assume because they are afraid it’ll become my baby instead of theirs and well, we can’t have that can we? So why, when some of the back-end programming doesn’t appear to work, do I get called in to figure out what the problem is? By the way, I figured out what the problem was, and even emailed the company the solution, along with the data they had lost which caused the problem to begin with, and today it works again. I’m guessing we’ll still get billed like 4-8 hours from them for it, no one will even see that as a problem and I’ll go back to not being involved in any of it again. Office politics rock, I tell ya’!

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